Mixer Servotech 750


Category New machines
Subcategory Mechanical Treatment of Meat
Type New Mixers
Height 1870
Width 1520 mm
Length 2600 mm
Weight 1500 kg
Capacity 750 l
Efficiency 500 kg/h
Voltage Electrical: 400V 50Hz 3N
Installed Power 7.7 kw
Main material Stainlees Steel
Time of realisation 2-3 weeks


The Servotech 750 mixer is a mixer designed for large and medium-sized meat industry plants focused on high efficiency and the highest quality of the product.
The device is characterized by high capacity and work efficiency.
The power of the 7.7 kW device allows to reach 40 rpm, giving a capacity of 500 kg / h.
The mixer is automatically controlled with pneumatic applications.
The discharge flaps and the hopper cover are operated by a pneumatic lift.
The device is made of stainless steel and acid-resistant materials.


Model: 750
Type: Mixer
Dimensions: 1870 x 1520 x 2600 (mm)
Power supply: 400V 50Hz 3N
Power: 7.7 kW
Type of mixers: spiral-paddle
Efficiency: 500 kg / h
Blade rotation: 40 / min
Capacity: 750 l
Load: 500 kg
Product discharge: Pneumatic
Tank cover: Pneumatic
Shaft operation: Right / left
BUSCH vacuum pump with a capacity of 63 m3 / h
Weight: 1500 kg

Additional technical information

Agitator drive: motor connected to the reducer by a chain, reducer connected directly to the agitator shaft.

In the option with a loading pole, the loading control is carried out on the main panel or on the pole.

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