About company

Servo beginnings date back to the mid-90s when the main subject of our activity was trading with machines for meat processing, which with time extended with machines for fruit and vegetable processing. Since the beginning of our activity we used the opportunity to cooperate with partners from Western European markets. This network of relationships and common business continues to develop ever since.



We started our business trading with high-end machines in Poland, previously not available on our home market, which then we sold local entrepreneurs. Later on, in order to meet our market and customers demands we expanded our business with service for the machines.


We sell single machines, production lines and entire factories with equipment that comes along. In our warehouse we store over 1500 machines. The Servo performs its own service, made by skilled and experienced workers. It includes the mechanical, pneumatical and electrical service along with installation and programming of new controllers. Currently, 95% of our machines are sold after complete service.


In addition to sales and service, we also provide machines assembly, installation and training if needed, on request of our clients. In its history Servo has carried out installation of the machines not only in Europe but the around world - in the United States, Jordan, Russia, Canada, Egypt, Germany and others.


Servo, stands out in used food processing machines with the fact that we are not virtual. All machines that are in our offer are also in our warehouse. We have one of the largest stocks in Europe.


Currently, only 20% of our goods are sold on the domestic Polish market. Most of our sales has not only European, but also global range. After 20 years of selling, servicing and producing machines, we can proudly say that our products can be found on every continent.


So far, we conducted business with our partners from Germany, France, Canada, the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Chile, Russia, Jordan, India, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, South Africa, Nigeria and many more.