Continuous meat cutter Velati F4


Category Used meat processing machines
Subcategory Lines
Type Lines
Height 2350
Width 1800 mm
Length 2450 mm
Efficiency 8000-10000 kg/h
Voltage Electrical: 400V 50Hz 3N
Main material Stainlees Steel
Transporter Width 500 mm
Window dimentions 280 x 470 mm


The Velati F4 frozen meat cutting line is made entirely of stainless steel.
The line is intended for cutting blocks of frozen meat into cubes, it has a knife system that cuts the meat into even and undamaged pieces.

The Velati Continuous Meat Slicer, built entirely in stainless steel, is designed to transform a block of meat into pieces using a system of blades specially designed to avoid damaging or crushing the meat itself. The combined blade structure, formed by an oscillating guillotine blade and round blades, allows the meat to be processed at different temperatures, cutting both fatty and lean parts and achieving an hourly production of up to 8-10 tons/hour. The machine has a 19,6 kW motor.

The structure of the guillotine knives and a set of circular saws allows you to cut meat at different temperatures, cut lean and fatty meat. Minimum product temperature -5C.
The line has a feeding belt with adjustable speed, which allows you to adjust both the capacity and the width of the cut.

Line efficiency: up to 8-10 tons per hour.

Guillotine with a belt feeder.
The machine has a touch screen controller that can control operating parameters and protect programs in memory.

The line does not have a screw conveyor.

Guillotine dimensions:
- length: 2450mm
- width: 1800mm
- height: 2350mm
550mm wide belt
Block passage opening: 470 mm x 280 mm
Guillotine power: 7.5 kW

Circular cutting head
- length: 1200mm
- width: 1100mm
- height: 1150mm
Cutting head power: 11 kW

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